Ticking Along.

October 28, 2019

It has been a busy time at the Category 3 World Headquarters !



We have moved the inventory once again, from the initial cardboard boxes in the hallway to their very own warehouse. The move wasn't too stressful for them and they seem to have settled in well.





This year has been a fantastic learning curve about improving the way we do things and hopefully we are lucky enough to continue down that road.


The all new Category 3 logo is a result of that learning curve as we begin to try to build our brand.





There has been some time for tying prototypes to test in the guiding season, looking forward to seeing the results.

Currently getting tied by our skilled partners are the all new Churnobyl series, a fly we have been working on for a while.Cool to see them finally go into production.




Quite a few call's of "where's the merchandise" so we have been working on getting it done, Caps, T's, & Buffs will be in stock soon.


 Your support has been an integral part of us being able to move forwards.

 Very much appreciated.


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